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Common mistakes to avoid when buying an investment property.

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Debt-free Exposure to quality residential property is now a reality for every investor with just $10,000

Investment exposure to quality residential properties in established Melbourne suburbs need not require people with limited financial resources to be burdened with debt of any kind.


28 pages of residential property purchasing tips

Common mistakes to avoid
when buying residential property
as an investment or to live in.

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If you have any taxation questions, I can probably provide general information.


Accountant Director HBU Investments Limited

I see how just about anyone who is considering investment in quality property can probably afford to.


Registered Nurse Health reform advocate

Everyone, including those people with limited financial resources, who want to invest in quality residential property should check this out!


Business owner Director HBU Investments Limited

More Information

Property seminars may not be what they seem.

Check your options before getting in to more long-term debt.

Federal Budget 2017 changes
for non-resident investors in residential property.

Federal Budget 2017 Fee changes
for non-resident investors in residential property.

Articles and Posts

Searching for the Black Swan

25 MAY, 2017 There are a number of reasons to be cautious about property investment. Historically high prices in Melbourne and Sydney (but falling prices in Perth and Darwin) and feeble growth in household incomes have many pundits assessing the potential for a...

Will house prices continue to rise?

16 MAY, 2017 Much has been made in various media outlets regarding the supposed housing bubble Australia finds itself in. There is no doubt that house prices in Sydney and Melbourne have continued to grow well beyond the growth in family incomes or any other relevant...

Just started working?

July, 2017 Young people should be encouraged to take more interest in their financial futures - if for no other reason they have the most opportunity to do something about them. Young people entering the workforce today are likely to be retired for as many years as...

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